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This is an opportunity to share the bare necessities of  paraben free, organic living. Paraben free, Organic products create a healthier you inside out, taste better and even make you look better. Aha! No, this is not the real reason for this blog, but it does not hurt.  From food, beauty, travel and fashion, the Parabenfreeandorganic blog invites you to take part in a dynamic interactive dialogue that adds to your life, not ads to it.

As a journalist for fifteen years, creating an expressive forum that enlightens the facts when it comes to products versus a marketing agenda, this blog will share with you the difference between  what is considered natural and what is  natural.  Parabenfreeandorganic is a blog that lets the BS fly elsewhere. The FDA allows corporations free range to put toxic chemicals in everything from shampoo to lipstick and deodorant without regulations. Owners have to pick up their dog’s poop in the park, but companies do not have a regulation in bottling it! Just so I do not get in any trouble, I am not implying dog poop goes into shampoo, am I? No, just Placenta at the 99 cents store. 

Parabens copy hormones we already have in our bodies, we don’t need extra ones. They are harmful, and although I hope to share laughter and insight with you, Parabens are not funny, nor are the companies that mass produce harmful products.

Please join me, share, ask questions, participate. Together we will make a shift for the better. Before I sign off, think of all the little girls now between the ages 3 through 7 putting on and licking off the petroleum in the lip gloss on a daily basis. Think about the gas in your tank, would you let them lick the nozzle? This is not about fear, it is about facts and making a difference for ourselves and our future, the one we all deserve! Thanks for listening. I look forward to hearing from you!


  Sydney wrote @

Dear Parabenfree,

Thank you providing us this information. Who new Toothpaste could be harmful? We obviously need to read the contents before purchasing our products!

I look forward to learning more and doing more.

Thanks again! Keep up the great work.


  Hayden Guest wrote @

I look forward to reading this blog. The messages are useful for us in all areas of our lives.

  parabenfreeandorganic wrote @

Thanks for your comments. Regarding the blog, you are most welcome.

Please keep in touch and let me know what is on your mind!


  Jack D wrote @

Paraben free,

What about men, shaving creme and the stuff we use?

I like what you are writing about, a place that activates information that is truthful, what a concept!


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