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April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized | Leave a comment (Edit) Organic has never tasted so good. Who knew just a few hours outside of Los Angeles, CA the mecca of Pinot Noir is at our fingertips. Santa Barbara 2007 awarded CLOS PEPE Winery with the Green Award, the only one given each year, quite an honor.

 GREEN CAN TASTE SO GOOD! Just a few hours beyond Santa Barbara, Santa Rita Hills beauty is matched by the fragrant, rich, organic vines that align the blue water colored skies. Describing the birth of a wine culture is a vastly underrepresented phenomenon: the culinary craft and the people creating it in Santa Rita Hills share their labor and produce a community of unique wines, rich with personalities, and experienced wine makers.

 Wes Hagen is an award-winning winemaker and wine grower for 10+ years at Clos Pepe Vineyards, recognized by the Wine Spectator as one of the Top 30 Pinot Noir Producers in California.  Wes has also judged wine professionally for 10 years, was the Central Coast Winegrowers Association Grower of the Year, 2000-2001, has produced wines rated 93-95 points by national wine pubs, is an avid wine educator and has been writing for Winemaker magazine for 7 years.

Wine making in Santa Rita Hills is a family business. Brewer Clifton Wines and Palomino Winery is a husband and wife team, with a growing family that continue to grow beautiful children, and elegant and stellar award winning Chardonnay and Pinot Nior Wines.

 For a Parabenfreeandorganic weekend retreat, check out Santa Rita Hills, CA.



  Hayden Guest wrote @

This article celebrates the art of making wine. I love the photos…makes me want to go there. Cheers!

  Mike Elder wrote @

Excellent..Good read. Great pics. Important information!

  parabenfreeandorganic wrote @

Thanks Mike E,

Keep reading and commenting. Please send in any questions that are on your mind and we will make sure you receive the accurate information! Thanks for the commenting, as we are just getting started and appreciate the feedback!

  Jamie wrote @

How fabulous that Santa Rita Hills is right in our own backyard!
I check out blogs, but do not normally comment on them, this blog deems worthy. I am not bragging, only that time is so valuable that I barely have enough of it to find the blogs I like and get to read them. The creativity of this blog is enjoyable to read and highlights variables that are both tasty and beneficial. It is fun, not stuffy and still smart at the same time.
Please write more about Santa Rita Hills. I would welcome discovering more on my own but until then; reading them through you provides Organic gems that I look forward to tasting. It sounds like a perfect weekend escape.
I appreciate the information you provide, such as the piece about toothpaste and natural juice, Who Knew. I will keep reading.

  Lauren wrote @

sounds GREAT! (and looks gorgeous too) planning a visit asap

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