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You stink, and I am not talking about someone who needs a bath or a good deodorant, I am talking about the Celebrities and Designers that care more about putting their scent into the air, then the air they are putting their scent into and the people who are using it. PU!

Paraben free and Organic is possible in every product and that includes fragrances… The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics collaborated with Environmental Working Group and found a scandal of secrets when they commissioned an independent lab to determine if the products labels accurately listed the ingredients in top fragrance brands.

The harsh reality is that the FDA in the USA does not protect us. This is my personal opinion, but check out European laws when it comes to beauty products and ours. The FDA is not keeping US Citizens safe from toxic chemicals that are contained in the majority of products we use daily. It feels like the most powerful country in the world is harming its own because Corporate America has no glass ceiling when it comes to putting whatever it wants into brands to make their products last longer than many animals, colors brighter than Mother Nature, and smell prettier than a real rose.  Perhaps some of the celebrities were not aware of the toxic chemicals placed in their fragrances’… but it has their name on it, and the designers, well, they know everything! In my opinion, unwilling customers became victims, as the study disclosed harmful chemicals not listed on the product’s label. I share with readers constantly, “Read the contents on the labels,” but what happens when the label itself is a big fat lie. Pure, Organic, Paraben free products may list that they are not FDA approved; I note this as a good thing! The EWG press release shared that the data from the study showed that most of the unlisted chemicals have not been checked out for safety. Numerous hidden synthetics are toxic and cause health effects that range from hormone disruption, skin sensitivities, to breathing difficulties and headaches.

When the President’s Cancer Panel sounds an alarm regarding unregulated toxic chemicals used by millions of Americans in their daily lives and especially warns pregnant women, it is time to wake up! We do not have to settle for this. I will provide more up to date quality products, beauty, home, food, etc., that are safe and fabulous.

Please read and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to read further information regarding their investigation.

Throw away that Channel Lipstick, in my opinion you are worth it!


  LucyG wrote @

Paraben Free and Organic,

What an eyeopener. Thank you for making sure we get this information. Who would think companies who already make so much money would hide the ingredients they put in products? To learn that several are celebrities is sad. It is not like they need the money, why not make a product that is great without being harmful?

I will keep reading and can’t wait to learn more about paraben free beauty products.

Thanks, Lucy

  Julie wrote @


Thank you! Who knew about all of the stuff that the FDA does not cover, let alone that we need to be careful about perfume and toothpaste! The fact that companies lied and did not list products that are harmful is outrageous! Now that the celebrities know about this, what are they doing, anything?

I really like your articles and appreciate that you care about us the consumer. Kudos to you.


  Stacey Ford wrote @


I can tell you what I am not going to buy the men in my life for Father’s Day!
The Cologne & fragrance business should wake up and smell the real roses. This year I am buying gifts that won’t hurt the men I love.

Thank you so much for this blog!


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