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SANTA RITA HILLS – Clos Pepe Winery – Organically grown… & Kate Mantilini Wine & Food Tasting in Beverly Hills!

If you live in Los Angeles, here is your opportunity to taste organically grown, grapes picked by hand, using native yeast fermentation at a very special complimentary wine and food tasting. The wine distributors who also work with Clos Pepe, are co-hosting this tasting with Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills. These rare, quality wines are being paired with wonderful food.

The Date: NOVEMBER 4th – 6:00pm-8:00pm.

The complimentary tasting of wine and food will not be your typical tasting. If you live in LA, don’t miss this very special event!

A request… Call Beverly Hills and tell them the number of people in your party.

Organic has never tasted so good. Who knew just a few hours outside of Los Angeles, CA the mecca of Pinot Noir is at our fingertips. Santa Barbara 2007 awarded CLOS PEPE Winery with the Green Award, the only one given each year, quite an honor. GREEN CAN TASTE GOOD! Just a few hours beyond Santa Barbara, Santa Rita Hills beauty is matched by the fragrant, rich, organic vines that align the blue water colored skies. Describing the birt … Read More

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