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HAPPY JULY 4Th & Sunscreen!

Wishing everyone a great holiday. I hope you are out enjoying yourself, eating terrific food, spending time with family and friends and experiencing out of bounds fireworks!

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This entry is short and sweet… As I head out to the beach, I am sharing with you a new Sunscreen that I am using which is Chemical-free. Who knows what is in the water these days, so this Sun Shield as they call it, protects not only your face and body, but does not contaminate the Ocean.

MYCHELLE Dermaceuticals is non-irrtating, and has a creamy texture when applying to ones skin. The Sunblock is Zinclear, for all skin types, non toxic and Reef safe.

They have a complete line which I will provide more detail on at a later time, as well as an array of different paraben free sunblock choices. I like MYCHELLE because it not only protects my skin, but still allows me a bit of color without any redness or burn.

So as you head out into the Sunshine, please cover up and check the labels so that you are free of  toxins while celebrating our Independence Day!

MYCHELLE Sun Shield is SPF 28, a full spectrum sun block and organic aloe that preserves skins moisture but does not clog your pores or sting eyes.

What are you major skin concerns? Share them with me and I will provide you natural alternatives to enhance your skin and treat it well for thelong term results.

Have a fantastic holiday and a chemical free Summer!

Nanci Jo Saper


  Jennifer wrote @

Parabenfree and Organic,

This is my first time actually writing to a blog, but I felt it was important to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. I have been looking in all the WRONG places for chemical free products. So many use words that make you think they are paraben free or are natural but they are not. Where did you get MYCHELLE? I will definitely get it and look forward to getting more information about skin products that are not harmful.

My skin use to be oily but now is dryer. Any suggestions?

  parabenfreeandorganic wrote @

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for taking the bold step of writing. I hope you now find it easier and write again. I purchased MYCHELLE Dermaceuticals Sun Shield at Whole Foods. I am sure you can also look them up on line.

A fantastic certified organic line for the face is L’uvalla, You can also find it at Whole foods. Their product’s feel rich to the skin but is not oily. It is becoming one of my new favorite skincare lines. L’uvalla has a website that you can order from too.

Good luck. I look forward to learning of your experience and results. Happy Holiday.

  Madison wrote @

Thanks for mentioning a good sunscreen, I have been looking and all the ones I have found have at least one or two ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

Please write about more products for the summer, I’ll be checking it out.

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