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This is not to put anyone down; it is simply a valid question… Do you know what sustainable means in the context surrounding us today? Simply put, sustainable products, programs and developments create something out of resources that are disrupting our planet and environment. Sustainability has become a necessity in the sea, on land and for mankind. I am not the dictionary version of sustainable, I’m a journalist who is learning how desperately important it is that we not only become more aware of the sustainable products available to us and the need to rebuild our resources.

When did mankind become the sea’s predator, today we are worse then ever.  the documentary movie, The End of The Line by filmmaker Rupert Murray, based on the book by Charles Clover, states that at our current juncture, we will run out of seafood by 2048. Sadly, this is not new news, but if it is to you, check out the film, do not eat Blue Fin Tuna, and read up more about fish that are endangered… most important, don’t eat them! Learn about trolling, an insane way that fishermen catch fish, they should be called poachers, not fishermen.

Did you know that Mitsubishi is into the Fish Market? They are stocking up and freezing the endangered Blue Fin Tuna, this allows them to mark it up to a ridiculous price. However, we are human beings and have a choice, we can shift the way we are going by becoming aware and making different choices.

Here are a few sustainable companies worth checking out…                    that manufactures cozy, comfortable clothing made out of Organic Cotton, and recycled bottles. Try sustainable, fabulous Wines that you can find on such as and valuable sustainable information on the website,

Sustainability supports what we have been given and it is up to us to give it back. Don’t you think kindergartners today deserve to live in a world that provides life, not extinction? Let’s not eat ourselves up.

Sustainable Seafood Guide can be found on

Nanci Saper


  Beth wrote @

Now I feel guilty having a can of Tuna in my pantry! This should be an on-going conversation in the news, not that Sandra Bullock’s divorce is final. When are we going to learn from the past? Your blog is a wake up call!

I checked out the websites you provided, and now know what fish is okay and what is not. The other sites are interesting and inviting. It’s so easy to do. I think I will have a sustainable party and show the film. Up to now, I have not really paid attention, but I like your blog and have come to realize how valuable the information is that you are sharing with us. It is scary how unconcerned we are about the future, the NOW generation needs to do something NOW to help make a positve impact not a negative one. I appreciate your efforts and information. You have a committed reader in me.

  Rickie Haith wrote @

This was so interesting!! I will be more careful about which fish I eat from now on. Saving the environment for the next generation is a must!!

  Rickie wrote @


Thanks for the compliment and using your awareness to help the next generation. You are right, it is necessary!

Although it was before my time, previous generations worked hard to make future generations better. Somewhere in time the compass got lost and needs to be found, not by a few, but by many.

Please pass on the information and keep reading there are many more stories that are exciting and valuable information to be posted.

Saper Says…

  Sam wrote @

I love Fish, but can’t believe people and therefore companies would attempt to deplete the Ocean of what has provided us nourishment for centuries. It is more than sad, it is disqusting. Now that I am aware, I will make better choices. Pass it on!


  George wrote @

I grew up fishing with my grandfather and even though I don’t get to do it that often, it is something I still enjoy.

I think of myself as someone who is aware of what is going on, but this really took me by surprise. It is upsetting to say the least.

Thanks for putting the information out there. Now that I am aware of what is going on, I will be eating sustainable fish.


  parabenfreeandorganic wrote @

Thanks George for your support and post. I appreciate hearing from readers and want to offer news that makes a positive impact and difference.

Best –

Nanci Saper

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