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Smile is not about just white Teeth anymore…

TOOTH NOTE – I like clean teeth, those with a glimmer of white, but not with a reflection.  Teeth that look like a Snow Storm in the Twin Cities, is not the twinkle I think the Tooth Fairy was going for.  What do you think? How is your flossing going? I have my good days and days that need to be better. I know, how could I?! What do you think about the bright whites? Too bright?                                                                                      

SMILE…  Yes , it includes toothpaste! Believe it or not the outside package states not to swallow when brushing ones teeth. Those fizzy, Willy Wonka bubbles, who coud resist? Especially if you are five?  The more bubble the more to banish. If you have no clue what the product is, stay away from it! If the list is longer than your (five-year olds) arm, another good clue to avoid it.

Natural, Pure, Quality does not have to mean expensive.  I use All Natural, No Fluoride, Antiplaque Toothpaste with Fennel, Propolis & Myrrh. I buy it at Trader Joe’s. It has a clean, fresh taste  and no left over feel! AHA.  For those without Trader Joe’s, I have tried and liked Jason’s Toothpaste. It can be found at Whole Foods.  I am not a fan of  Tom’s of Maine products. This is my  personal, researched and very wise opinion.  Please check it out, remember, I’m on your side!

Paraben free – Getting the picture?      

Best of –



  Hayden Guest wrote @

Such a refreshing message about beauty and our smiles. Thank you for providing this article!

  Jennifer A wrote @

Before your article, I brushed my teeth with the flavor I liked and was said to have the best result. I never thought I had to look to see if the toothpaste I was using was harmful! What are these companies thinking, or rather not thinking?

I read your article and went to Whole Foods to purchase Jason’s toothpaste. The taste is pleasant, I like the way it feels afterwards and I don’t have to worry if I swallow it or not! I will try the Trader Joe’s brand too. It is nice to have a selection of healthy products that have a fresh taste and are good for your teeth!

You have an avid reader with me. Thanks for doing the work for all of us.


  AMY wrote @

Nanci Jo,

I tried the Lavendar Parabenfree toothpaste from Trader Joes. I really like it. It leaves a clean feeling in my mouth and my teeth may not look like pearls but they shine.

Glad to have the info. Please send more information about lipstick. I can only imagine the number of coffee cups these lips of mine have tasted~!


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